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Thursday, October 18th 2007

11:51 PM

Do Safelists Work??

For a long time I, like many others, shunned safelists because I thought they were either unethical (spam) or wouldn't produce results ie a waste of time.

I thought the following;

I'm Spamming people.

No I'm not. Everyone signs up to a safelist to receive mails and send mails.

It's not targeted.

In a sense, yes it is. Everyone who joins has either something to sell or is looking to find something they can sell.

People don't open the mails.

Yes they do. They need to earn credits in order to send mails themselves.

They don't actually view the sites properly.

Yes they do. Any serious Entrepreneur/ Marketer is always on the look out for the next best thing and if you're the first in you've got a great chance of being successful. People who pay $10 a month and upwards for a safelist membership are serious and are making an investment in their business and themselves. They look at every opportunity that comes their way. You might think that $10 a month, $120 a year is not a large investment but, when you consider 95% of Marketers don't make $100 a year or even ever, it's decent sum to spend.

How do you make your safelist membership work for you?

If you already have a regular “targeted” mailing list then send out your squeeze page often and inform the fantastic freebies visitors can get just for signing up. Be honest, tell them in the mail they get for signing up. That way they know in advance what to expect and are actually tuned into filling in their details. You might even put in the bit about never sharing their details with anyone, ever?

If you get commissions for sign ups at other safelists then send those links out as well. Those on one safelist will very often join another.

Always say who you are at the start of the mail. That fosters trust and familiarity. Those factors make sales.

Customise sales pages to say “For XXX Safelist Members Only”.

Include a teaser free offer and sign up box to your regular mailing list on the Thank You Page of any offer you present and make sure the Thank You Page is customised just like your sales page.

Periodically, send out an information only email sending them to a no sales adsense site you own such as tips on marketing etc. You may well get lots of adsense clicks to boost that stream of income!

Last but not least...open those safelist e-mails yourself!In the past I've got a now valued Lifetime Membership of $120 a year for a one off $10, another Lifetime Membership now valued at $247 for $20 and another for $47 that now costs $97 and has less benefits!

The best safelist I know of is here, just click here to sign up and view the fantastic commission levels too!

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Saturday, September 1st 2007

7:33 PM

Eat Chocolate..Lose Weight. It's true!!!

Now I know what you're thinking there.....strange title for this blog??

It's not ya know!!! My good friend june has just released her brand New Chocolate Diet Plan and it has to be seen to believed!

Now it really is possible to lose weight and still get your daily indulgence of your favourite food stuff...chocolate!! You see, June has 15 years experience in the Healthy Diet field and she has always known that dieting and losing weight doesn't have to be all gloom and doom and no fun.

SO, she decided to prove everyone wrong and release her own Chocolate Diet Plan to prove it!!

Get over here and get it now. Start losing those pounds the easy way!

The Chocolate Diet Plan!!!! 

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Sunday, August 19th 2007

3:15 PM

Web 2.0 the easy way plus a free ebook!

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It looks like MySpace but here you get paid just for getting visitors.
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The free ebook? Ok, just click here and you're off! You'll also be able to get started buidling a massive, responsive list all of your own! Go on...........you know you want to!!!
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Tuesday, July 31st 2007

2:20 PM

Easy Internet Riches - Free book for you today!

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Monday, July 16th 2007

9:58 PM

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Thursday, July 12th 2007

9:16 PM

Hundred Percent Commissions!

Yep! You heard right! A brand new site that directs you to brand new exciting products on which you can earn 100% Commissions!
Just click the links, make your purchases, get your special 100% Commissions link and start posting it on forums and blogs to get your ca$h back in just ONE SALE! You don't even need a website or mailing list!
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Saturday, July 7th 2007

4:33 PM

Brand new...the future of emailing is here for you now!

Are you sick and tired of being restricted to simple plain text mails from your autoresponder?

Would you much rather be sending HTML, Audio and Video messages? Impossible? No!

Media Autoresponder allows you to do all this and potentially increase your sales exponentially!

Imagine the impact on your valued subscribers when they can actually SEE and HEAR you as you tell them about your fantastic product or affiliate product? They will be able to actually see and hear your enthusiasm and be more motivated to go buy it.

If this sounds like the way You want to go just click here for Media Autoresponder! It comes with Full MRR and Reseller site too! All for less than a pizza!

GET IT NOW! (Before I put the price up)

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Thursday, June 21st 2007

5:33 PM

It's Willie Crawford doing it again!

Ok, I’m on holiday and staying away from promoting things. Well, I thought I was! ;)

That was until I bought this and was so impressed I’m passing it on!

It’s a $5 report by the legendary Willie Crawford (need I say more?) and represents value, value, value!

Get it here http://tinyurl.com/27vzb5

This is a must have for your hard drive and the 100% commissions mean if you sell it once, you got it for free?

Go on click here now http://tinyurl.com/27vzb5 and do yourself a favour!
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Wednesday, June 6th 2007

12:36 AM

Cookbook Central

Ever fancied a new recipe a day, five days week for no charge? Yours truly officially launched Cookbook Central and Recipe-a-Day on Monday. You get one recipe every day, Monday to Friday for free. Two options available too. Visit the Recipe a Day blog every day  and/or sign up to the mailing list and have it delivered to your inbox every day at Cookbook Central.
Each week I select a different recipe book and send five recipes from it. If you don't like, you don't visit the site and buy it. Simple as that. NO marketing blurb, EVER. All the recipe collections are US $1.97 but regardless, you get the recipes every day for no charge.
All links to http://cookbookcentral.net/recipeaday/ are appreciated and I'll place a link back to your site too if you request it!

Have a great week!
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Sunday, May 27th 2007

5:42 PM

It's New, It's Free

Booster Ezine is Live!!! New weekly ezine full of health, diet and motivational tips is now ready for your subscription. It's completely no cost and no additional mails selling you stuff. You get a free Health Tips book for your troubles so you've got nothing to lose folks! Start taking care of your body right now and get Booster Ezine!
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